Why do we photograph Landscapes?

Lenticular Sky from the Sierra Crest

What pulls us in this direction? Do we have a reason or purpose? Is it personal enjoyment, materialism or fame?

Is it because we have our own vision, or is it someone else’s vision that we are seeing with?

Where does our spark of interest come from? Does it come from within or from without?

Is our own creative imagination lost without guidance or does our creative imagination guide us in the direction we would like to go?

3 Responses to “Why do we photograph Landscapes?”

  1. Derrald Says:

    Personally, I find myself photographing landscapes because it puts me in the thick of beauty at the most beautiful times of the day. But it leaves me to drive or hike out (or in) at some of the darkest.

  2. kenii Says:

    Do you want to hear the short or the long version, Steve?
    The short you say? Well, I do landscapes because I suck on the strobes.
    That pretty much says it all, huh?

    Seriously though, there is something I can’t really put in words why I do it but it’s a mix of outdoor experience, becoming one with Mother Nature and seeing the world with my own eyes, capturing that very moment which is then gone forever.

    Shooting landscapes is a challenge. For me it’s also the physical aspect and the effort that goes into planning and shooting grand landscape pictures. Withstanding 0 degree weather in stormy, insecure and isolated areas and therefore putting your life at a certain risk. It’s the uncertainty in landscape and nature photography, where you do not know with what exactly Mother Nature will provide you with in the field, despite the planning and previsualization. From bright sunshine and clear skies to deep fog and icy winds — every imaginable weather and change within minutes is possible and you have to be prepared for all of that (and possibly more).

  3. Steve Sieren Says:

    Derrald, thank you.

    Kennii, Thank you. Being in places where you know your life is at risk can make you feel so alive and not to mention it might increase the originality you might have.

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