Red Rock Canyon State Park California

Wild canyons just over the horizon.

Most of us Los Angelinos drive right through the Red Rock Canyon area on our way to the Eastern Sierra, I’m guilty of it myself. It’s designated a state park for a reason, it hosts beautiful cliffs and spectacular rock formations. Even hoo doos you would usually find in Utah. You can find crumbling sand castle formations and other geology here from another world just by driving off highway 14 and onto one of many side roads. When the high desert catches it’s seasonal cold spells, you can often find snow gracing the red canyon walls and after wet winters, the park’s floral displays are stunning.

Even outside the park boundaries you will find wild looking formations that make you wonder if you are still in California. It’s not a wonder that this beautiful desert enviroment was an establishment in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

You can even find arches and mines, any photographer shouldn’t have a hard time at finding something to photograph in this beautiful desert park.

A lantern's glow lights up a volcanic arch above one the cliffs just outside the park.


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13 Responses to “Red Rock Canyon State Park California”

  1. Heidi Walker Says:

    Sadly, I have never been to that area, but your images make me want to head that way. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Greg Russell Says:

    These are some very cool images. I think many perceive this area as “ugly”; thanks for helping to make its true beauty shine.

    Greg Russell

  3. David Richter Says:

    That’s one beautiful series Steve! Especially like the first one with the wonderful blurred grasses as a strong foreground anchor! But each piece has its own strong assets… way to advertise Red Rock Canyon SP.

    … and just one more I will have to think about visiting late next summer.

    Happy shooting!

  4. Karen Tate Says:

    What a beautiful, inspiring series! You have a wonderful eye and I enjoy your images very much.

  5. Steve Sieren Says:

    Hiedi, thanks.
    Greg, I’ve been guilty thinking the same thing beyond the most interesting formations you see from the road.
    David, You’re going to have a tough time deciding on where to go on your next visit, there is just too much to see.
    Karen, Thank you.

    That is just the tip of the iceberg there, the desert floor there can fill with gold carpet for a very short period of time.

  6. David Richter Says:

    Sounds that I have to make good use of my almost 12 weeks then, huh? Will probably have only a weekend or two max down south and one is reserved for DV already. Might not be much more images from less known SP to make me change my plans… 😉

  7. Rodney Says:

    You’ve got some great shots there Steve . And a good article. If I ever come to that part of the globe Ill be sure to take a look. It amazing what good light can do to a scene.

  8. Steve Sieren Says:

    Thanks guys,

    Jenny, you should stop next time you get a chance. It gets really interesting beyond the roadside and even more further into the canyons and many dirt roads in and around the park.

  9. Jenny Wilson Says:

    Living in LA, I do just drive right on by on the way to Mammoth. I always want to stop though.

  10. Chris Murdoch Says:

    Some really beautiful images Steve. I’ve been there twice, and still your images are making me see something different!
    I never knew there was an arch there ….gonna have to go looking for that one 🙂

  11. Steve Sieren Says:

    Hi Chris, Thank you, Red Canyon is such a great little park with so much most people just don’t get to see. I’ve been walking past the main areas and driven down some of the dirt roads to find some others views. There are a couple of small arches out in the park that I have found but maybe there are more! Have a great time exploring Chris!

  12. Russ Bishop (@RussBishopPhoto) Says:

    These are wonderful images Steve. And you’re right, most people just whiz on by heading up the eastside of the Sierra. I took the time a few years ago to explore the area and found it beautiful and fascinating.

  13. Doug Dolde Says:

    Great shots Steve. I’ve never seen this place look so good

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