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Photography and Abstract Painting

March 28, 2010

A weather branch from a shrub in the Mojave Natural Preserve

Salvador Dali was well known as a bizarre and surreal artist in the 1900’s; his highly imaginative and creative mind has moved me to create imaginative concepts while out in nature. At times, I have composed photographs that make me wonder where my inspiration originates, however I find that in the moment of composing photographs there are no thoughts of another artist’s work, instead my artwork molds itself naturally and might notice the influence later.

At the time this photograph was created five years ago, I heard of Dali’s name but did not know who he was and I had seen his artwork and absolutely loved it but never put the two together. Strong work can leave a lasting impression in a mind, especially when randomly coming across it every now and then. One thing I have always loved about Dali is the way he could annoy the critics. That always keeps me thinking out of the box by trying to please myself with work that might not please others. Placing a weathered branch in a sand dune straight up into the air may not be natural but does it need to be?

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Desert Wild Flower Hope

March 21, 2010

Mid day scouting shot, dune prime rose maybe?  Call me a flower buff.

I just returned from a loop in the Mojave Desert, I started at Josua Tree then the Mojave Natural Preserve, highway 95 to highway 62 and back into Joshua Tree. I didn’t find much for fields of wildflowers but I did many different species over 15 different kinds scattered about the low desert areas. Mostly 1,500 ft or lower and I had to walk it quite a ways into some of the wilderness areas to get to them. Highway 95 had the most variety and some in clusters. There are plenty of buds that haven’t bloomed yet and the temps got into the low 80’s, so there is still hope for the desert.

Here is mid day shot while scouting scenes for our Joshua Tree Workshop. If you would like to invade this pristine little dune heaven and leave no trace (besides your footsteps) with me before the desert iguanas eat them all, contact me. We’ll have the place all to ourselves. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed the photograph and vague description.
Take care!

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