What’s Blooming Locally in the Santa Monica Mountains

Spring always starts early in the Santa Monicas and there is plenty of sporadic blooms of many different species.

Here are a few examples from a drive I took yesterday along Pacific Coast Highway and some of the mountain roads:



Sand Verbuena

Bush Lupine

Red Bud

There are plenty more, I have not found any fields of flowers yet just small patches of them so I wouldn’t go driving from miles away.

Unfortunately the Sunflower Trees are all past peak but everything else is blooming. I found it more of a challenge composing then anything else.

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4 Responses to “What’s Blooming Locally in the Santa Monica Mountains”

  1. Pat Lacey Says:


  2. Sharon Van Lieu Says:

    Oh, these are beautiful, Steve. One thing I miss about Texas is the wildflowers. We don’t really have that kind of array here.


  3. Mulhollandview Says:

    Wow, great wild flower pictures. Anyone with an interest in the picturesque Santa Monica Mountains should visit http://savethemeadow.com Your comments could help preserve the mountains. An unsightly 7 acre RV Park is planned by the state along Mulholland Highway (a state designated scenic drive). Project Officially known as the Ronald Reagan Equestrian Campground and will be built inside Malibu Creek State Park.

  4. Richard Wong Says:

    Great blooms Steve. I really dig that composition on the first image as I’m sure it wasn’t obvious from first glance.

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