Canon 5D Mark II error message 30

A sign of a broken camera.

I was coming home today on the way back from a gig down in Malibu and I was shooting snap shots along the roadside in Malibu Canyon and my shutter made a distinct noise. The screen read “Error message 30” “turn off on and re-insert battery.” I did what it said but no luck I couldn’t get the camera to work. I called canon’s customer service and they did all they could do from a point of being on the phone and told me to send it in.

I went into the U.S. post office and had them send the package registered*. It ended up costing me 30 dollars and I will be without the camera almost 10 business days.

*Registered mail, this I was told would save me a lot of money then if I were to do this a different way. I was mainly saving on the cost of insuring the package. Anything over $500 worth of insurance should be done this way. There isn’t always someone knowledgable working there to help you figure out the easiest way so I thought folks would find this useful.

Now is the hard part do I use my old 5D to keep me working or do I rent a new one? I would buy a new one but it’s almost 2 years old now and so far I have never kept a body for over two years. Just thinking out loud here again.

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13 Responses to “Canon 5D Mark II error message 30”

  1. Derrick Says:

    Sucks! I broke the “trigger” housing on my 50D somehow or other and was without for 2-3 weeks recently and had to rely on my backup little Rebel XSi. It did the job but I sure was glad to get the 50D back.

    If it were me, I’d stick with the backup 5D and wait for a newer model to come out before buying a new one.

    You know they’ve got to be working on a full frame model that will incorporate the new 7D technology….

    Feel your pain!

  2. photographybyireena Says:

    Go to Nikon…you never have troubles (ha ha). Isn’t this the same error message that Glenn Mills had at our photo workshop in Joshua Tree?

  3. Steve Sieren Says:

    Derek, if the usual timing goes right we’ll hear about any new models in the fall sometime. It’s amazing how low they keep the price these days.

    Ireena, I’m sure it’s similar. I broke the Nikon D70 in a tide pool once and I did cry that time. My local camera repair guy just adds on to what Canon would charge so I just send it directly to Canon. I still have my D70 and I’ll be kayaking with it on the Colorado River in here in almost two weeks!

  4. Greg Russell Says:

    I wonder if driving it down to the service center in Irvine would have been cheaper (save for your time, of course). Also, maybe it would be fixed (or at least looked at) more quickly.

  5. gdanmitchell Says:

    The shutter on my 5D crapped out in a similar way about a year and a half ago on a night photography shoot. I had driven an hour and a half to get to this location, but I only made two photos (one was good!) before the camera just basically went dead with the shutter jammed in an intermediate position. There was nothing to do but send the camera to Canon for repair. Well, actually, I did go right out and buy a 5D2 since I had some shooting planned.

    I kept the 5D as a backup body, but I’ve probably not used it more than twice since I got the 5D2. I’m considering selling it and getting a 7D or similar as a backup. I wouldn’t normally shoot crop, but I would in an emergency.. and this body does have some features that might be useful: more advanced AF system and faster burst rate. I rarely need those features, but occasionally I do – as in when shooting the Tour of California this week!


  6. Steve Sieren Says:

    Greg, you’re right but there is a few pros and cons there. I do feel that if you take it there yourself they will get on it faster and not to mention it would save me at least a day and a half. On the negative side it would only save a few bucks on gas for the postage for the 150 LA metropolitan mile round trip at rush hour. Do you remember when the trucks caught on fire in that tunnel on the 5 freeway a while back. I got that evening after hanging out with friend in Santa Clarita and had to pull over and sleep on the freeway with many other stuck motorists. Those LA freeways can be a real nightmare. I’d imagine I’ll have to spend more time processing this stuff I shoot here in the next couple of weeks with the old 5D. You’ve got it made down there close to Irvine Greg.

  7. Steve Sieren Says:

    Dan, that 7D would inspire me to shoot wildlife every now and then but like you say you don’t shoot with the crop, either do I. That camera definitely satifies the need for speed.

  8. Glenn M. Mills Says:

    Remember this happened to my 40D at Joshua Tree when we were shooting the Arch. Canon got it back to me in 4 days. 1 day for estimate, 1 day to fix and 2 days in shipping. They had to replace the shutter. $180.


  9. windows/systems32/propsys.dll error message on start up? | Top Registry Cleaner Review Says:

    […] Canon 5D Mark II error message 30 « Steve Sieren's Blog […]

  10. Steve Sieren Says:

    Glenn! Thanks, I wondered what it might cost. Now I can sleep better tonight. I threw in a broken flash in the box to have fixed too. I do remember your error message but didn’t know what it was. See now I’m learning from you!

  11. Douglas Dietiker Says:

    Use the 5D until the M2 is repaired. The 5D didn’t stop being a great camera once the M2 came out 😉 Being a Nikon guy, I was always jealous of that camera until the D3x came out.

  12. derrick Says:

    So what did you end up doing? Inquiring minds want to know. 😉

  13. Steve Sieren Says:

    Derrick and Douglas, The old 5 has been doing a great job but I did post pone a North Eastern California trip because I figured the higher iso would really help me out. My next post should be all images taken right out of Las Vegas all with the old 5D. I’m just waiting on Canon to send back my mark II and flash. Canon says once they give you an estimate they will take up to 10 bisiness days until it gets back to you.

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