Dunes of the Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert Dunes

If someone were to mention dunes in the Mojave Desert, Death Valley’s Mesquite Dunes at Stovepipe Wells would come mind first for some people. The Kelso Dunes might even come up. There are more dunes out there that in lie outside of the National Park and Monument boundaries, you just need to look a little further. With all the dry lakes out there the sand has to blow somewhere.

Dunes in black and white

Some dunes fields are extremely small and others such as what is shown here are significant in size. Many dunes are similiar and usually can be identified with the mountain back drop if there is one.

OHV use in designated wilderness

These dunes are designated wilderness where people may seek desert desolation but I have come across people ignoring the desigated wilderness boundaries with OHV use. I can imagine how dificult it can be trying to protect something out in the middle of nowhere. It would be nice if there were signs posted with violation fee amounts in all parking areas near wilderness areas.

Mojave desert dunes

Frost covered dunes in the Mojave Desert

Frost covers the dunes during winter in the early morning. Sometimes solitude comes with no foot prints.

Moon and dune

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6 Responses to “Dunes of the Mojave Desert”

  1. David Leland Hyde Says:

    I love dunes and your 4th and 5th photograph are very fine. I like what seems almost like a reverse negative effect of the foreground in the 4th image with the widely distributed plants in back. That photograph is unusual and a bit otherworldly.

  2. Jenny Wilson Says:

    Beautiful series Steve, we don’t get to see much black and white from you. It’s a nice change and brings out the texture and shape in the sand dunes. I would love to know where they are?? You probably didn’t announce the location for a reason. Anyhow it is upsetting to see the OHV use in a designated wilderness. Makes you wonder what can be done to protect the area further.

  3. Derrick Says:

    Love the candy (and vivid) colors of the first one.

  4. Steve Sieren Says:

    Derrick, I don’t see any candy here so maybe you can elaborate on what you’re talking about.

  5. Steve Sieren Says:

    David, I used created that image using a focus stacking method. I’m more in love with the angle of view then I am with the result. Kind of leaves a mysterious gap between the foreground and background for me. Sometimes these compressed views defy the laws of physics. My eye couldn’t see that much depth of the field when I was there.

  6. Steve Sieren Says:

    Jenny, Rick Daley would say color is the enemy of shape. I don’t do much black and white work, I usually save it for when the color image lacks impact for me. I think you have a great photograph if it works in both color and black and white. Of course not all of them do that. I doubt those kids were fined out there. I came here to catch some untouch dunes and I’m glad the dunes were not full of OHV tracks.

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