Spot Connet GPS Device Upgrades Itself!!

Spot has big changes coming at the end of this month!!!
You will be able to text message with it via your smart phone while connected via blue tooth which is great compared to the older version that only sent an SOS or morse code type single message to your contacts. Technology changes so fast it’s amazing!

Spot Connect has new features and will connect to a smart phone.

Yes folks, you’ll be able to update your facebook & twitter if you’d like to.


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5 Responses to “Spot Connet GPS Device Upgrades Itself!!”

  1. Eric Leslie Says:

    That’s great what technology can do! Pretty sweet

  2. Bruce Malarky Says:

    Now if they could just solve the problem of chargers out there. I suppose a folding solar panel would work. Really Steve, this is huge when you need someone like me to come find you. Nothing like knowing someone’s EXACT location.

  3. Steve Sieren Says:

    Bruce, I think a solar panel would work out great and they seem to be lightweight too! A location device is a definite improvement then trying to whistle your helicopter. I’m sure you have to wonder why some of these rescuees aren’t making themselves more identifiable when you guys are looking for them. Do you guys have a preferred method for someone on the ground to help them be spotted? With so much terrain out there even with GPS coordinates, I’m sure people are hard to spot sometimes or have moved locations.

  4. Bruce Malarky Says:

    There are a few fantastic and lightweight items that do wonders. First of all, a signaling mirror. It’s absolutely amazing how far away they can be seen and they’re great for shaving too. The next thing is a VS-17 panel which folds up nicely and can be used as a shade if needed. This final thing is a 9 volt LED strobe (visible or IR) in case it’s a night search. All these things are small, inexpensive and do wonders to make you visible from a distance.

  5. Steve Sieren Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions Bruce. Since you work for Search and Rescue from the air this is highly valuable advice for any of us that are out there in the wilderness for hours or days at a time.

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