Twilight in Death Valley

When the light is gone in Death Valley it takes on a subtle and peaceful feeling.

Moon setting on the Panamints in Death Valley

This is a place where you may find desolation if you seek it out. You can watch the moon set and hear nothing but the wind.

Twilight on Death Valley's playa.

Twilight is a time to watch the golden hues of the desert slowly disappear into the night sky.

Windswept patterns on the dunes in Death Valley.

And maybe watch them reappear as night turns to day once again.

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4 Responses to “Twilight in Death Valley”

  1. David Leland Hyde Says:

    I like these more subtle images, Steve. Nice use of the light and beautiful skies. Of course I am partial to Death Valley and love the twilight moment when the sun sinks, the wind dies down, you feel the lingering warmth of the desert and the only sound is the buzz of a few insects.

  2. David Patterson Says:

    Steve… beautiful and calming photographs of a favorite place that truly capture those special and personal moments when everything is quiet.

  3. Steve Sieren Says:

    Thanks David H., Not all the work nowadays needs to scream.

    David P, thank you. Death Valley truly is one of those magically places.

  4. sggphoto Says:

    Hi Steve
    I just came across your blog via David Leland Hyde’s and am glad to have found it. Some beautiful, original and evocative images of places I’d love to visit and shoot some day.

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