New Take on Mt Whitney

Icey reflecion of Mt Whitney covered in alpen glow in the high country of the Eastern Sierra.

Icey reflection of Mt. Whitney covered in alpen glow in the high country of the Eastern Sierra

As a creative goal I attempt to create unique photographs so if anyone would like to help find a similar photograph please send me a link because I couldn’t find one. It’s give me a reason to go back again! Thanks for viewing folks!

I’ll talk more on the experience up there in a later post, thanks for reading and viewing.

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16 Responses to “New Take on Mt Whitney”

  1. David Patterson Says:

    A pretty unique scene to begin with, but man, what you have done with all of the elements at your disposal is nothing short of magical! A highly creative composition, and one that I’m sure you are very proud of. Nice work!

    • Steve Sieren Says:

      Thank you David, I was a little stuck on a vertical composition that I had shot the previous afternoon here so I had to be a little forceful to think out of the box here.

  2. enlightphotoG Says:

    That is a great shot. I haven’t seen one like it…. until now. 🙂

  3. Sharon Says:

    This is ridiculously beautiful. I love how you lined up the snow covered shore line to mimic the peaks of the mountain. Outstanding work, Steve.


  4. truels Says:

    Stev – I am impressed, it’s a fabulous shot, totally unique and super composed!

  5. truels Says:

    Sorry – I missed the “e”, Steve 🙂

  6. Derrick Says:

    Great shot! Love the symmetry!

  7. Adam Allegro Says:

    Wow… This shot is amazing. I love the framing, lighting, reflections, POV… just about everything. Well done.

  8. David Leland Hyde Says:

    I’m with David Patterson and the others, this is spectacular. All those shapes and interest and color and on and on. Wow.

  9. truels Says:

    Here I am again 😉 – just want to inform you, that I have been updating my blog and put you on my blogroll. Because I think your photos are NICE!!!

  10. Marinus Wieten Says:

    What a stunning gallery, beautiful images, fantastic perspective and a master in control color and contrast. Mycompliments

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