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Wild in Arizona

March 9, 2012

Wild in Arizona Wildflower Book and Ebook

Wild in Arizona

I apologize for sending this with out the links working. Everything is fine now and I’ve added a little more to it! Thank you for your patience.

Looking to do some wildflower photography this season, well it has already started in Arizona. My friend Colleen who I’ve met and photographed with has a fantastic book you will need to get you in the right place at the right time. The flowers have already been blooming there for a couple of weeks so I feel I’ve been missing out, time to head for Arizona but NOT with out this great book!!!

You can get your paperback or ebook version here Wild in Arizona

Don’t forget to follow their blog as well Wild in Arizona Blog

When I talked to her last here is what she had to say:

We’ve been posting on our blog: Paul’s out right now (Peridot Mesa, I think), and I’ll be out tomorrow thru Sunday at a minimum checking things out at Lost Dutchman State Park, Desert Botanical Gardens, and Bartlett Lake. So we’ll be posting a new update Sunday or Monday.

In summary, we had an unusually early poppy bloom starting in mid-February – almost 4 weeks early! – in the Silver King Mine Road/Peachville Mountains and Peridot Mesa area. Though the poppy show in those two spots are peaking or past peak, the “normal” bloom of lupines, owl clover, fiddleneck, and the like is starting to show there as well. Areas around Tucson have started (on time) in places like Saguaro National Park and Catalina State Park. We’ve heard Organ Pipe Cactus NM is showing color now too.

It’s starting! Will it be a mind-blowing show this spring? Probably not, we just didn’t get the rain in January. But it is already better than last year…our monsoon bloom later this summer may be killer though. Stay tuned…

Have I talked about flowers enough yet?! HA!

Talk soon, thanks again!