Canyon juction in Zion National Park

Do you ever notice when you’re out there taking pictures your level of awareness fluctuates?

It would be egotistical if if I said I’m aware 100% of the time when the camera is in hand, regardless of high end camera or Iphone. A person’s awareness fluctuates most of the time otherwise we wouldn’t have car accidents or a broken camera here and there, had a few occasions of both myself! I’ve past this scene so many times before and standing in this spot looking through the viewfinder wouldn’t show me this scene the way it’s being displayed on the screen. First you have the idea come to you at some point in time, either at the moment you’re there, or before or after. This isn’t one of the checklist shots where photographers gather and point the camera in certain general directions. It’s an idea that came to me just like every other photographer gets ideas. The idea was worked until everything that didn’t relate was excluded. Connect with your ideas until you are fully satisfied!

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2 Responses to “Awareness”

  1. mizz Says:

    yes, what haunts me most, is those rare rare moments when something mind alteringly amazing is happening in terms of light, and I just can’t seem to compose a single shot. It’s Frantic…. It’s like a lapse of awareness or something… a disconect…. or maybe I was just late for the show 🙂 ugggg It all comes out in the wash I guess. Part of the adventure i suppose. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you…. wishing you some stunning light in the new year. Ho Ho Ho

  2. Nathan Mccreery Says:

    Having walked past that place, it makes me wonder how it is that I missed it myself. I think that photographic locations are like lovers. The more time you spend with them the more they’re willing to reveal their secrets. How do you know the secrets of a location until you spend significant amounts of time there? Intimacy seldom occurs in the first meeting. It requires time and love.

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