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Landscape Photography My Best of 2009

January 9, 2010

2009 was a great year! Here are a few images from throughout the year. Enjoy! I’ll give a little more detail on some of these in later posts. Thanks!

1. Wild California lilacs in the Santa Monica Mountains Los Angeles

2. Cold Toes

3. Warm Light from the south

4. This one above is kind of odd but I love it!

5. A bend in the Virgin River, Zion National Park

6. Nevada’s Great Basin Desert

7a. Mountain Shapes
Also known as Patrick the Starfish from Sponge Bob Square Pants
7b. Beer Gut Star Fish – Northern California Coast Mendicino County
Trinidad State Park, California
8. “Lupine Island” Trinidad, California

9. 10 minutes away from home – Newbury Park, California

10. Death Valley

11. Death Valley

12. Abandoned Mine – National Trails proposed Monument

13. Treasure Peaks, Eastern Sierra

14. Backpacking at White Sands

15. Antelope Valley with the glow of Los Angeles in the background.

16. Royce and Feather Peaks, Eastern Sierra

17. A new arch hidden out in the Mojave Desert

18. The one shown above is part of my new minimalist series. White Sands, New Mexico

19. Took the one shown above the night I slept on California’s 20th highest peak w/ out a tent and sleepbag

20. A spring snow storm in late April in Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay

21.Gaint sand storm in Death Valley, there is an RV in the large photo for scale.

22. Galen Rowell’s famous Milpond rendered in my own way.

23. Neopolitan Ice Cream – Artist’s Palette, Death Valley.

24. Red Rock Canyon State Park, California – I hope to photograph more black and whites in 2010!

25. Finally decided to broaden my horizons with abracts in 2009

26. Iceberg Lake, Eastern Sierra

27. Joshua Tree at Night. There is more I just didn’t have the time to process them all. It may look like I get out often but many of these were taken in the same day.

Let’s see what 2010 has in store for all of us. Make it a great one!

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