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My Canon 5D Mark II Won’t Power Up

May 3, 2011

Canon 5D Mark II wil not power up.  Loose Circuit board connection to power supply

My Canon 5D Mark II won’t power up, why?

I had just finished uploading some images to a hard drive and showed up at a job and the camera would not power up. I switched batteries and still nothing. I ended up using a back up 5D to start and finish the job but getting used to the smaller LCD wasn’t making things easy.

I sent the camera back to Canon and remembered the last time it took about a week to get it fixed. I was told about Canon’s Professional Services (CPS) for pro photographers. I signed up for it in the morning and I showed up at the repair center later that afternoon. They asked for my membership number and instantly gave me a 20% discount. There are a few things you will have to do to qualify and they have different tiers with higher discounts so if you’re a full time working pro it’s something to look into. They called me the next day said it was ready to be picked up, the repair costed about $140. It was minor issue of the circuit board that connects to the power supply getting loose. Less of a serious issue this time around, the last time I forgot to click a link in the email they sent out to me to ok the repair so it took one week longer plus shipping on my end.

Here is a link to my last repair summary of the 5D Mk II. Better service with the CPS, I must say! Thank you Canon!