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Interpreting the Landscape

January 15, 2011

The Three Brothers reflecting in the calm winter Merced 2007

Some of the best landscape photographs are not created from the luck of being in the right place at the right the time. They are sculpted from the raw landscapes that we see time and time again. Our experienced eye helps us compose the scenes we stand in front of right before the light begins to get at it’s best.

Our photographic vision is developed each and everytime we are out. Have you ever not just settled on any composition? Struggling with composition is completely normal. Everytime we head out and the light is mediocre, we have the opportunity to exercise our composition skills and get more closely in tune with the ecosystem we are visiting. In light that isn’t so luring we can practice refining our technical skills so when the light is great we can photograph subconsciously and not think so much about the technical aspects of how to work the camera in the field.

Our imagination generates beautiful well composed scenes worthy of any landscape photography prize but it’s how we connect our imagination and composing skills in the moment of being there. We need to check to see if we have the light we need for our subjects in mind or do we need to make adjustments, maybe change our subjects completely and adjust to the quickly changing light. Other questions that may arrise could be, does our specific land forms follow a cadence from front to back or how will exposure affect the balance of light in the histogram? Are blocked up shadows more powerful to the scene?

Developing a clear mental picture in your mind and precisely connecting with it through the lens is only part of interpreting the landscape.

The scene above was taken years ago after I had recently upgraded cameras, wanting to have the same scene as I had previously photographed with one of the first very popular digital SLR cameras, the scene I had come home with was completely different due to nothing more then varied clouds.

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