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Jackalope Sighting

April 1, 2010

Elusive jackalope

Ever been to the salt flats in Death Valley and wondered what in the world could live in such a place?

Here is a story I won’t forget. While photographing the hexigon patterns in the golden hour as usual it soon became dark and I found these uplifted salt tiles stacked up higher than I’d seen before maybe 2 1/2 ft or higer. While getting a more intimate view, there it was starring me down with those eyes that don’t lie, as I got closer and closer they began to take on an unearthy evil red GLOW! By this time my thumb had already depressed the cable release. I only managed to snap the shutter once before it let out it’s high pitched shrill and charged me. It was so loud by the time the gesture was made to cover my ears, I was knocked over and the air was filled with goose feathers falling like snow flakes on the salty crystal floor.

Then in the almost complete darkness the real panic began, my head lamp must have fallen off my head in all the commotion, I didn’t know if “it” got me or not.. . I frantically rummeged the uneven floor trying to find the lamp, I couldn’t find it. My facebooking, twittering, blogging I-phone lit up the darkness and I could see that I was saved by a mere layer of clothing, my down jacket. It all happened so fast all I could remember was a giant pair of buck teeth glisten in the darkness of night.

Mom always knows best, put on your jacket it’s cold out there, little did she know it could save a person from a little more than the cold.
Some people will believe but some will not, here is a link containing evidence supporting the existence of the wild Jackalope

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