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Backpacker, A Different Kind

January 4, 2010

Organ Pipe National Monument

On the US Mexican border the average drug trafficker backpacks with 40-100 lbs for up to 70 miles for a ticket to America. – Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu of Operation Tucson.

Trafficker backpack

I pale in comparison to carrying 40lbs let alone a 100lbs and so do most other backpackers I know with our packs that might average 30 lbs. If you think your pack is heavy, think again. I am against drug trafficking but it’s just amazing compared to the hard efforts we put into our nature photography that does not always combine backpacking. That thing in the photo (the backpack), does not even look comfortable. I would probably die having to travel 70 miles with something like that on my back.

How does this relate to nature photographry? Organ Pipe Nat’l Monument, Coronado Nat’l forest, Buenos Aires, Cabeza Prieta Nat’l Wildlife Preserves and many other photographically interesting spots exist in these areas where trafficking occurs. I don’t think it’s impossible that someone could come across one of these smugglers at the wrong time but I am very curious if there has been any incedents on our side of the border?