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A Canyon Oasis in Baja California

May 23, 2011

First light in the canyon oasis, Baja California, Mexico

First Light in the Canyon, Baja California, Mexico

Riding Gus the eco bus.

I can’t remember the last time I heard some good news coming from Baja in the past year. It’s been a while since I’ve been down there because of all the media reports on the drup war, even David Muench told me to stay away from our border traffic areas and scenic parks. Of course I’m not one to stay away from something for too that I loved to photograph in the past. I finally gave in to my inner explorer and took a trip down to a very remote oasis deep in the Sonoran Desert of Baja. We passed through a couple of border towns in Mexico and the streets were full of people going about there business. I had a couple of guides that showed us around when we stopped at a super market to stalk up on food, water and spirits. I finished shopping quickly and went for a walk down to a taco stand with a friend from New Zealand. The walk was longer then I thought so I figured if anything bad is going to happen in Mexico now would of been a great time when I was seperated from the group and eco bus we were traveling on. Of course nothing happened and the only odd thing I saw was a hamburger truck passed by. Hmmm, in America or at least Los Angeles we have a lot of taco trucks it would be pretty ironic if they have hamburger trucks in Mexico? Hmmm.


At this moment I'm thinking this better not be the last I'm seen.  Easy to hide that feeling with a smile.

At this moment I’m thinking this better not be the last time I’m seen. Easy to hide the feeling with a smile.

The Sonoran Desert in Baja California

Here is a view of the basin below as we come down from the mountains.

A Sonoran Desert Oasis in the middle of nowhere.. .

Eventually we make it there and I get to explore this Sonoran Desert Oasis in the middle of nowhere.. .

After traveling so many miles via the eco friendly vegitable oil powered bus, walking across the San Diego / Mexican border crossing with only what you could carry on you in one backpacking trip and walking again from where the terrain became too difficult for the bus makes the beauty of desert something to cherish.

“I never saw a thing that the media used to keep me out of Mexico for over a year, Baja is different then mainland Mexico and TJ!”

Here is a little odd time lapse video I randomly put together to make my friends look like random free bird hippie types

I had never even thought of creating a time lapse video but I took my old 5D down into Mexico and it didn’t have the HD video on so I improvised.

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