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Under the Bridge at Zion

November 30, 2011

Under the Watchman Bridge at Zion National Park

“Life isn’t worth living unless you’re willing to take some big chances and go for broke.”

– Eliot Wiggington

Earlier that day I was scouting for my Zion workshop further up the main canyon so I got here at the last minute and the huge mob was already 5 layers deep and in rows of 40 to 60 people across the famous bridge where everyone shoots the Watchman over the Virgin River.

I tried and tried to squeeze in to catch a view and maybe clone out a few ear lobes on the edges of my composition but it wasn’t going to happen. It was a game of tripod twister and I was surely losing. The mob wouldn’t let me in and I kept trying so they became angry and hurled me up and over the edge of the bridge towards the river bottom. After the impact from the fall I realized I was temporarily paralyzed from the pain and couldn’t try for another bridge shot so I just sadly shot from where I landed, knowing I wish I had the same old bridge composition. A minute later I was hit in the head with my cable release “ouch”, I must of dropped it and at least someone was nice enough to give it back. It’s better to be immobile for a minute then have the crowd of zombies on auto pilot eat my fresh brains!

All though this story didn’t really happen, the message is use your legs people. You shouldn’t take them for granted while they’re there working for you. You don’t need to do exactly what everyone else is doing. It isn’t necessary to go for broke but a small almost effortless deviation can change things dramatically.

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Fall Color Photo Tips; Part II

November 19, 2010

• Certain iconic scenes haven’t been photographed to death in certain seasons. A little bit of seasonal touch can go along way. The scene here was made famous by Ansel Adams black and white photography.

Ansel Adams famous Fern Spring with a touch of autumn.

• Everyone will tell you use a polarizer, but why use a polarizer? Without a polarizer these 3 images would be exactly the same. The first image is at full strength of polarization, the last is without any polaration and the middle image could of been created in two different ways. Gets you thinking doesn’t it?

What exactly do you want out of your polarizer?

• If you miss the fall color in the mountains don’t forget about other types of foliage that may change weeks and months later in different locations. You’ll be surprised at what you were missing and overlooked. Fall color is so much more then just aspen and maple trees or whatever first comes to mind.

In California we have the Sierra Nevada that is plentiful in early fall but you can find fall color in many other locations.

• Somethings are easily forgotten so don’t forget to check below your feet. Try to vary your scenes by taking the large expansive landscape vistas, detailed close ups and much more in between these two vastly different views.

Big leaf maples on Yosemite Valley's floor.

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Finding New Icons Next to Old Icons

January 6, 2010

Old Icon

It is always nice to visit that beautiful iconic scene and come back with something that just makes you proud but we always want a little more don’t we? I have noticed while standing in these famous spots my head wants to pull a 360 like an owl, looking for more rodents to eat. When you are visiting an iconic location always look for prominant object such as mountains or certain rock formations. Some places you might have to go searching further than others but you can eventually find a nice viewpoint. This El Capitan photograph from the snowy winter banks of the Merced in Yosemite is one location in particular. You can find two newer iconic scenes over either of your shoulders, I’m not kidding the second photo is the Three Brothers over my right shoulder and over the left shoulder is the Cathedral Spires in the last photo. Both scenes are very worthy of being called iconic and you won’t have to go far to get them. Just put them on your to do list while there in Yosemite.

New Icon - Three Brothers reflecting in the Merced, Yosemite National Park I’m not kidding, literally right over my right shoulder when looking directly at El Capitan along the Merced.

The Cathedral Spires over my left shoulder.

This is some of my older work, I hope to share some of my newer Yosemite winter shots soon… .. .

Winter in Yosemite

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