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Canon 5D Mark II error message 30

May 18, 2010

A sign of a broken camera.

I was coming home today on the way back from a gig down in Malibu and I was shooting snap shots along the roadside in Malibu Canyon and my shutter made a distinct noise. The screen read “Error message 30” “turn off on and re-insert battery.” I did what it said but no luck I couldn’t get the camera to work. I called canon’s customer service and they did all they could do from a point of being on the phone and told me to send it in.

I went into the U.S. post office and had them send the package registered*. It ended up costing me 30 dollars and I will be without the camera almost 10 business days.

*Registered mail, this I was told would save me a lot of money then if I were to do this a different way. I was mainly saving on the cost of insuring the package. Anything over $500 worth of insurance should be done this way. There isn’t always someone knowledgable working there to help you figure out the easiest way so I thought folks would find this useful.

Now is the hard part do I use my old 5D to keep me working or do I rent a new one? I would buy a new one but it’s almost 2 years old now and so far I have never kept a body for over two years. Just thinking out loud here again.