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Updating Your Software

August 27, 2010

Thousand Island Lake Panoramic

Updating your processing software doesn’t always help everyone. If new features aren’t something you will actually use how can it benefit you? New features should be the factor that helps you decide if you would benefit from upgrading. Over the past Photoshop has created new features that some might say haven’t been worth the cost of the upgrade. You can always find out if it’s worth it to you by using a trail version of most any software out there. You should really watch the tutorials before you do this.

Example: Thanks to Photoshop CS5’s new feature “Content-Aware Fill” I was able to fill in the corners where it would of been difficult to just paint in what the pano merging left out. It could take a long time to paint or clone in white portions of the photograph and not see any brush strokes in a large print. I’m sure glad I didn’t throw away these files. Sometimes you just have to wait 4 years for some help.

Original file waiting for it’s time to shine.
Exposure date & time: 7/13/2006 – 5:31:42 AM

I have used this feature enough to know it’s no stroke of magic and it can’t fix everything but it is an improvement from other similar tools in older versions of photoshop. There are many new features in CS5 that will help with my architectural work.