Happy New Year!

Aspen Convict Creek Eastern Sierra

Wishing you a Happy New Year and hope your 2010 is a bright, colorful and a productive one!

I photographed this intimate scene late one morning after I waited on some alpen glow that never showed but kept at it until I found something I was pleased with.

Best wishes,


4 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Rhoda Says:

    I really love the dusting of snow over the yellowed grass foliage and golden aspens… and the touch of blue sky. Wonderful colors and great to have the scene backlit!

  2. DragonFly Says:

    A lesson I learn from you and other photographers I admire. Patience. Persistence. = Payoff.

  3. David Richter Says:

    Happy New Year to you as well, Steve!
    Looking forward to the great things in 2010!!!

    Love the wonderful golden yellow glow of those leaves…. great!

    Happy shooting buddy!

  4. Steve Sieren Says:

    Thanks guys! I’ll try to keep you learning from the web Debi.

    Hope you all had a great one!

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