No Destination in Mind

Something I like about landscape photography is you don’t have to have a plan. You can get in your car and drive semi aimlessly but be aware of your surroundings. On this afternoon I thought I would scout Lassen Volcanic Park’s high country but it turned out to be covered in snow so I left and headed east down one of the major highways I hadn’t driven before. I turned down one of the dirt roads and there it was.. . .. . sure doesn’t happen all the time but when it does grab it!

Part of my California’s Casdia Collection.

For those of your curious, I have an HDR version on the bottom in the version below. Very similar to each other here on the web.

Single shot and HDR version of Wild Mountain Lillies

Do you see any difference?

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13 Responses to “No Destination in Mind”

  1. scott Says:

    You did a good job with the flowers and grass in the HDR, but the sky looks textured and not as smooth.

  2. Gary Crabbe / Enlightened Images Says:

    Great image. Yeah, the darks in the upper version have more depth, density, and richness ( dare I even say believability?) that seems lost in the lower version.

  3. Derrick Says:

    About the only difference I can see in the HDR is more highlights in the clouds and trees.

    Phenomenal image!! Great perspective and depth of field, not to mention those wonderful candy colors.

  4. Steve Says:

    Very nice image, however I feel the texture in the sky is not as nice in the HDR version, in addition the HDR version lacks the richness of contrast and color in the flowers in the foreground. The HDR did pull out a little more detail out of the slightly shadowed moutain and trees on the right, but to me that’s not as an important of and element as the foreground flowers and beautiful sky….!

  5. Steve Sieren Says:

    Very similar at a quick glance but at a closer look there are differences that show it’s best to know how to play with light and shadow. I have seen HDR images that have fooled me into thinking they are not HDR.

  6. Lance Warley Says:

    I wish I could turn down a dirt road like the one you picked, Steve.

    What a sky! Beautiful work.

  7. John De Bord Photography Says:

    Tough call, I like both myself. I do like the fact in the HDR you pulled out more detail in the hillsides and in the foreground, the dynamic range is apparent, but honestly Steve for me it is coin flip

  8. Steve Sieren Says:

    John, I think it’s a matter of personal choice, each has it’s own aspects positive and negative.

  9. mavourneen s Says:

    The bottom image is a tad lighter in the background trees. nice job.

  10. Eric Leslie Says:

    What time of the year did you go up there to find too much snow? You gotta spill this road you found? Beautiful wildflowers!

  11. Andreas Resch Says:

    I prefer the “normal” version, Steve. Mainly because of the more subtle and pleasing sky. The only thing I find a little better is the contrast in the distant trees.

  12. David Leland Hyde Says:

    Wow, quite a catch there. Impressive color combinations and compliments.

  13. Richard Wong Says:

    Very nice Steve. I prefer the top version for all the reasons Gary says. It feels more dynamic.

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