My 2011 Best Nature and Landscape Photographs

Mojave Green Rattlesnake in the Mojave Desert.

2011 was a great year looking back I ended up in a lot of places I never thought I would of or could of even made it to. It was tough deciding on what to put in this collection with out thinking about the effort it took get some of the images that did not make it onto the page here. Well it looks like I spent a lot of time in the Mojave Desert and Eastern Sierra, these two places have become my favorite over the years. I also made it down into Baja California despite the drug war going down there. With the 4 different trips I never ran into any problems besides getting searched at the check points, thankfully there were no rubber gloves involved there. Also finished the 50 mile backpacking trail along California’s Lost Coast and down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with a crazy group of hikers that run with their backpacks on. Couldn’t of done that with out Osprey and Tamron.

In 2011 I processed many images from previous years and only 25% were from 2011 so you’ll see more from 2011 later in other blog posts here. I’d like to to thank you all for taking a moment to view a photograph or two through out the year. See my 2010’s best. View the panoramas larger.

The Goose Neck at Joshua Tree National Park

A student helped me by hitting the shutter on my camera while I demonstrated how I light paint off camera.

Yosemite's Half Dome from the North.

Took quite a few family portraits from Olmstead Point in the short amount of time I was here shooting Half Dome from the north.

New Navajo Falls - Havasu Canyon - Grand Canyon West

Lot’s of changes to Havasu Canyon since the flood a few years back.

UFO Landing on the volcanic playa in Mojave Desert

A UFO that drifted into the Mojave Desert, a little far way from the Eastern Sierra.

Mt Whitney and the Milky Way, Eastern Sierra

This was taken from the Mountaineer’s route on Mt Whitney.

Coastal Dunes along California's Central Coast

Here is one of the largest coastal dune systems in North America, it’s right here on the Central California Coast.

Setting moon on Lone Pine Peak in the Eastern Sierra

This year we had the super moon out, according to science and astronomy it was the closest to the earth in years. Maybe that is why it looked like a ball of fire setting into breaking storm clouds over the Sierra.

Summer monsoon clouds over an emerald pool and waterfall in Baja California, Mexico

Summer monsoon clouds over an emerald pool and waterfall in Baja California, Mexico.

Natural palm oasis in Baja California

Natural palm oasis in Baja California

Morning mist after a night of rain in Joshua Tree National Park

Morning mist after a night of rain in Joshua Tree National Park.

Spring Cottonwoods in the Lower Owens River, Owens Valley

Spring Cottonwoods in the Lower Owens River, Owens Valley.

Death Valley bristlecone pine tree on Telescope Peak

Death Valley has bristlecone pines too, you know.

The Needles Colorado River Mojave Desert

The Needles are such a fantastic desert mountain backdrop not really photograph often by photographers.

Triple Arch at Valley of Fire State Park Nevada

Did a couple of workhsops at Valley of Fire this year, I highly recommend the place!

Did another trip up Half Dome this year with some friends, two of them are on the cables in the shot here. I thought the top being covered in clouds would make it a little ominous.

Christina kayaking down the Colorado River in the Mojave Desert

Christina kayaking down the Colorado River in the Mojave Desert

A lush covered creek along California's Lost Coast trail.

A lush covered creek along California’s Lost Coast trail.

Blooming buckwheat under breaking fog at sunset along California's Lost Coast Trail

looming buckwheat under breaking fog at sunset along California’s Lost Coast Trail

Pancaked lenticular clouds along in the Kern River in the Southern Sierra

Pancaked lenticular clouds along in the Kern River in the Southern Sierra

Mt Whitney above a melting high altitude lake.

A new perspective of iconic Mt. Whitney.

With so many options how do we make a decision on where we’re off to next? I hope you have a great 2012 and make it to all the places you have plans and desires to make it too! May the good light be with you!

Mojave Desert cross roads sign

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51 Responses to “My 2011 Best Nature and Landscape Photographs”

  1. Greg Russell Says:

    Steve, this is a superb set, as always, from you. Its impossible for me to choose a single favorite or even a small group, however, I do like the Mt. Whitney sunrise and the coastal dunes quite a lot. Looks like you had a great 2011, and indeed I am looking forward to seeing your new work in 2012…


  2. truels Says:

    Steve, thank you for this collection of stunning photos! I’m glad I found your blog in 2011 – and am looking forward to see MANY more of your great shot this year. It is difficult to choose a few favorites – but I’ll give it a try:
    The UFO that drifted into the Mojave Desert: Outstanding!!!
    The California coastal dune: SO beautiful!!!
    Valley of Fire: Excellent shot from a place, that I HAVE TO visit once!!!
    – and
    Those pancaked lenticular clouds: Exceptional – I have NEVER seen anything like this before. I wish I had been there!!!

  3. Richard Wong Says:

    Very nice year Steve. I’m intrigued by the Needles. I’ve driven by there several times but haven’t photographed them.

    • Steve Sieren Says:

      You can shoot right from the roadside. I’ve been wandering around looking for a good place to shoot them. So far I’m in regret that one idea needs to be done in summer, maybe next ice age for that idea.

  4. Dennis Mihora Says:

    Just Amazing choices. This is the best collection of Color fotografa I have come across in many years. Very difficult to choose a few favorites. Educational too. I would never have guessed Bristlecones at lower altitudes than the white mountains. After many reviews, I really like the Milky Way above the Whitney mountaineer route partially because it is hard to get there. But you will be most famous for the rattlesnake in the flowers. Your desert pictures are grande.

    • Steve Sieren Says:

      Dennis, it was great meeting you at my last presentation and hanging out with you in Death Valley. Thanks, that rattlesnake shot is a favorite of mine and probably always will be.

  5. Becky Parkinson Says:

    What a stunning body of work you accumulated in 2011. It is an inspiration and I can’t wait to see what you do in 2012!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. robtilleyphotos Says:

    This is a beautiful collection of images Steve. I particularly like the lenticular clouds, but I am partial to somewhat abstract compositions. Wishing you many more great pixels in 2012!

  7. David Patterson Says:

    Wow… very impressive collection of photographs, and I especially like how you have sought out your own visions. I am looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings you – and by nature of your willingness to share… us. Thank you.

  8. perth45 Says:

    SO inspiring….but it makes me wonder why I bother…The picture of the Rattler stands out for me, although I’m not normally a wildlife photography fan, but that image, the rattlesnake rising up with its deathly threatening pose amongst all that frail natural beauty is an outstanding and truly unique capture…..But then again, all the images are spectacular, its hard to single any one out……

  9. David Leland Hyde Says:

    As someone else might have said above, you are an inspiration, Steve. Your blazing of new trails has paid off. It is a challenge to pick my favorites here. I’m going to go with the first one as top image. It is a rare and great capture. I would say Emerald Pool, Baja and Mt. Whitney are close runners up though. It was a treat to look through what you have done this year. May you have many more years of this caliber of work.

  10. Jim Goldstein Says:

    Great set of photos Steve. The emerald pool is really striking, but my favorite of the year of yours was the Rattlesnake in the flowers. Dramatic and beautiful simultaneously.

  11. Derrick Birdsall Says:

    Great body of work! you have a fantastic diversity of scenery to pick from!!!

  12. Younes Bounhar Says:

    Fantastic collection, Steve! May 2012 bring you even better light and opportunities!

  13. Jacqueline Deely Says:

    Your work is outstanding and I absolutely LOVE the rattle snake!

  14. Sandy Steinman Says:

    Excellent set of photos this year. Great composition, color, light and perspective. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Mike Vieira Says:

    Some awesome pics there Steve, love the shot in the high sierras at night! 🙂

  16. Rhoda Maurer Says:

    Beautiful collection, Steve! And it’s nice to see several images that you’ve told stories of earlier this year!

  17. Ron Niebrugge Says:

    Wonderful collection!

  18. abe ordover Says:

    This is lovely work. Congratulations!
    abe ordover

  19. Robin Black Says:

    A gorgeous collection of images, Steve–each one is outstanding. I still love that Mojave rattler pic the most, but they’re all fantastic.

  20. Michael Russell Says:

    Great collection of photos – the rattlesnake in the wildflowers has stuck with me since you first posted it online!

  21. Gary Crabbe / Enlightened Images Says:

    Happily going on record to say that rattler is probably in the top 10 coolest wildlife shots I’ve seen in the last few years. Beyond outstanding. Have a great 2012, Steve. 🙂

  22. Doug Dolde Says:

    Very impressive Steve. You sure get around !

  23. Anne McKinnell Says:

    Steve, what a stunning set of images from last year. Congratulations on what looks to be a pretty exciting and successful year for you and all the best in 2012.

  24. Bill Says:

    Fabulous images Steve. You are a gifted and talented photographer.

  25. Jim Lundgren Says:

    Really amazing body of work!

  26. Sharon Says:

    Beautiful year’s work, Steve, with the first of the rattlesnake being a hard one to top. What an incredible photograph that is and I hope to NEVER have the opportunity to copy it. 🙂

    I love your artistic eye in the lenticular cloud shot also – well, they all shine!


  27. latoga Says:

    What an amazing collection from the year Steve! While that rattle snake image is absolutely epic, I also love the great mood and textures you created in you light painting of the arch. Have a great 2012 chasing the light!

  28. Jean Day Says:

    It’s hard for me to pick a favorite or what might be the best technically. Our emotions always play such an integral part of what we see and photograph. The snake is still just too incredibly amazing, and Whitney with reflections and foreground ice, or the one with the milky way are so outstanding! Best to you, Steve and hope 2012 brings you great adventure and joy with Christina!

  29. Pat Ulrich Says:

    Really stunning collection — and I absolutely love that rattlesnake!

  30. Michael Frye Says:

    This is a beautiful set of images Steve! The images from the Lost Coast caught my eye because my girlfriend (now wife) and I hiked that many years ago, before I really got serious about photography, and it’s nice to see such a beautiful photograph of that area.

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  32. Steve Sieren Says:

    Thank you all for commenting, I wish you all the best in 2012!

  33. Mark Says:

    What a great set Steve – what a great year. Such engaging landscapes, I wish I could see many of them larger, but I’ll take em as is. Nice work.

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  36. inguan Says:

    Amazing collection of shoot, was a rely nice photo year (=

  37. Ronald Bakekr Says:

    great shots dude!
    those ‘pan cakes’ never seen that ever
    ronald bakker

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  39. Hannes Says:

    There really should be a Flattr button under each of your photos (or blog posts) so one could thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.

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  41. Simon Beedle Says:

    Wow, stunning images Steve, Love the third image down and the Emerald Pool, Baja. Have to get over the states for a trip. Cheers.

  42. The Emerald Pool and Waterfall - Baja California, Mexico — Most Amazing in the world Says:

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