Oak Tree Challenge

Foggy oak tree amongst poison oak.  Central California Coast
Isn’t it strange that most landscape photographers from California do not photograph the oak woodlands that cover most of the state???

I can’t blame them, there are tons of other iconic stuff to shoot in California. But that doesn’t mean they should skip out on something only minutes away from their homes. Coast live oak can get pretty big like this one located in the Central California Coast. Just stay out of the pretty colorful stuff below this gnarled giant or you may begin to itch….

Hope this inspires the lazy photog to get off their butt and go shoot an oak a few minutes from home!!

Oak Tree Challenge

You can’t be from California and not have a pic of oak tree……


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7 Responses to “Oak Tree Challenge”

  1. David Macias Photography Says:

    That is sooooooooooooooooooo totally awesome and I’ve been in So. Cal. for years and haven’t seen any oaks, where are they and are there any maps to some of these gorgeous trees? Thanks for sharing and prompting me to get my lazy ass off to shoot.

    David Macias Photography




  2. Truels Says:

    NIce shot of this old oak, those branches are amazing. Is that really true – oaks more than 13000 years old?!!

  3. Mary Angelini Photography Says:

    I LOVE the oaks in CA and do miss them – seeing your images always makes me long for home Steve!!

    • Steve Sieren Says:

      Well I’m glad to spark some memories for you Mary! The area we recently moved to has a street you come in on that oaks completely cover the road. We even have wild turkeys to go along with the oak forest ecoystem here.

      • Mary Angelini Photography Says:

        Well that sounds pretty awesome! We have oaks out my back door, but not the cool kind from CA. I love it when I see wildlife out there – a couple of weeks ago we saw a weasel chasing a small rabbit (who got away). Never a dull moment near the woods, right?!

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